Online Presence

We¬†can either help you build a great online presence (consulting) or can directly get your presence built.  

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Search Engine Optimization | SEO

Search engine optimization is on following accounts. The best practices What has worked for us in the past Competition analysis / Reverse engineering Analysis

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Domain name ownership

If you buy a property, in who’s name the property is registered? Is it in your name or your real estate agents name?

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Become an expert

Whatever business, profession you are in, you are successful in it because you know more, better, deeper than many others like me that niche. When you are in a competitive world, it makes sense for you to prove this. How […]

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Domain Name Registration

Domain name is like identity (business name) of your online presence.

It is a trend now (Recommended) to check if the .com domain name is available to registration even before one names a company.

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Why go online?

With over 35% of world population already connected online, it makes no sense what so ever not to go online unless you doubt to be in business after 1 year.

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