Become an expert

Whatever business, profession you are in, you are successful in it because you know more, better, deeper than many others like me that niche.

When you are in a competitive world, it makes sense for you to prove this.

How can you tell the world that you are expert? Some of the ways are

  • Writing on a newspaper, magazine etc.
  • Coming on a TV show
  • Participating in conferences / seminars etc.
  • Teaching someone / a group on this etc.

Now I am going to talk about an easier way to tell the world that you are an expert.

Are you ready?

Blog. Yes, start writing on your blog.

Build your own blog. Like I am doing

Start your own blog today.

All you need is a domain name. Register a domain name at any popular domain registrar. Try  my service

You can either have your own hosting or use popular services like which is free.

More article on setting up blog next week